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Many Internet users complain about poor connections eventhough they’re subscribed to high speed internet packages such as UniFi. Did you know that most of the times, the actual cause is not of UniFi or Streamyx network itself, but due to WiFi capability.

For your convenience, the TM comes with an app called WiFi Optimiser Tool. This application is specifically created for Unifi and Streamyx users.

Simply download the app from Google Playstore and make sure your smartphone is connected to the WiFi network.

WiFi Optimiser Tool

WiFi Optimiser Tool


Once connected, users can review and analyze the performance of a WiFi connection at home or office.

The app will display a brief report as well as give suggestions so you can change the channel to improve WiFi performance than ever before.
Users can easily change the WiFi channel directly from the results page. This decision resulted from a review of the use of the WiFi channel environment, and suggest you channel underutilized by people around you. Before you can make this change, users need to log into your router.

In addition, users also can check a variety of information about your network through the app, including the number of devices connected to your WiFi network, power network, and so on.
For those who currentlt use Unifi or Streamyx network in your home or office, make use of this app to optimize your WiFi network today.

Download link: TM WiFi Optimizer Tool for Android

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